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Performance ♦ Best Practice ♦ quality

Serving the Cannabis Industry with our proprietary research and scoring methodology, exclusively designed for business performance evaluation and B2B market analysis


We use big data driven research to analyze and capture market trends, develop strategies and derive best practices for businesses delivering the products, services and technology in the Cannabis Lifecycle.

If your business delivers products and services in the Cannabis Lifecycle, we’re talking to you!


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2020 Global Cannabis B2B Performance Research Report

where we apply our proprietary 

7-Point Performance Position





to analyze and rank your business in relation to others in the industry



Want your business to stand out?

Focus on Performance. Focus on Best Practice. Focus on Quality Standards.


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Analyst Briefings

Focusing on your unique enterprise, we analyze your existing business or prospective venture that you may be looking to invest in or start.


We apply our proprietary methodology, linking to industry best practice and international quality standards, to give you an overview and understanding on how your business fares in relation to similar companies in the Cannabis Lifecycle. 


Going a step further, we provide you with a Maturity Assessment and Gap Analysis to guide you in implementing recommended processes and practices through our strategic advisory services.


Schedule a 30-min briefing session with one of our consultants.

Research and Analysis

Using big data tools and technology, we collect, analyze and capture industry insights and trends from a B2B perspective.


We focus particularly on the performance of businesses as we believe that when they are built on sound business principles and practices, they will be sustainable and prosper in the long term.


We dive deeper into legal, finance, quality as well as environmental and social responsibility amongst other elements.


We are currently collecting data to assess the impact of Covid-19 on businesses in and serving the cannabis industry. We would love to hear from you!





"For the world to recognize the cannabis industry as a legitimate, commercially-viable market, it is necessary for cannabis businesses to demonstrate adherence to international standards, best practice, and have a focus on continuously improving the quality of its products and services. Then and only then will the industry have the facts to prove it is growing, profitable, sustainable and an investment-worthy industry."



Vice President of Research and Development

"Whether interested in Hindsight or Foresight, fact based Insights on the performance, quality, value are critical for businesses in the cannabis industry to create growing, competitive, profitable  and sustainable businesses."



Vice President of Quality and Compliance

"Quality standardization will provide the strategically competitive edge needed in the cannabis industry. Inception and facilitation of international standards, industry best practices, risk management and continual improvement will be the mandatory components to realize growth, profit and sustainability within this perpetually maturing Industry."

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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